Independent New York Asian Escort

I am a real independent New York Escort.

Not a smoker neither a drinker but I am a coffee sipper and a drug free New York Escort. One belly Piercing. NO tattoo, NO plastic surgery, everything ON - IN me is real and natural. My pictures are 100 % REAL, and I look even much nicer than the picture. There is no ripping off or tricking here!!!

  • Age: 28
  • Height: 4'11 (148 cm)
  • Weight: 87 lbs. (39 kg)
  • Dress size: 6-8 (0 for USA)
  • Stats: 32A -21-33
  • Orientation: Heterosexual

When you see me in New York or other major world cities as an escort, if you are not happy with my looks, you can politely walk away without being sorry and I wouldn't be upset at all (I wouldn't expect any payment as you will not have had the pleasure of indulging in my sensuous escort services in New York or elsewhere). That's how I can guarantee you. I look so young which most people wouldn't believe that I am over 20, that is because I have got a baby skin and I take good care of my self, no wrinkles - not just yet - must be the New York weather.

I speak perfect English with classy British-American accent as I have spent number of years in both countries. I am a talker and a listener, you would never find me boring but interesting a true VIP New York Escort.

As an exotic New York Escort In my late 20's, I know so much - TOO much, of how to make men satisfied and hopelessly fall. People keep telling me that I should be locked up, or, be wearing the government warning. I know you are now laughing, BUT, I am not joking even though I am a joker and a teaser. Men of New York and elsewhere, beware - I am highly addictive.

I have tons of self-respect and I am very respectful of others. I won't use bad word or swearing. I know where to draw the line and I hope you do too. The smile on my face tells you all about me.

From living in New York for a few years, I am comfortable in all environments especially enjoy going to the theatre - cinema, and dining out in classy New York restaurants. I love being a New York Escort!

In New York - If you prefer, we can meet each other at my luxury apartment in Manhattan. I also can visit you at 3 star or higher hotels and luxury private homes within Union City and Long Island City.

For escort services I can travel worldwide to anywhere you are.

I sometimes can be slow to respond your enquiry on email so I must apologise to you in advance. I am a busy person and I have no intentions of wasting your time and I hope you won't waste mine either. I know you will be delighted with my New York Escort Services, especially those intrigued by New York Asian Escorts.

About Me

You may have met so many people in your life, but when you meet me - you would find what a unique and special person I am, as a real joy and a real treasure. Here is one of MANY compliments I got from people I have met "Seeing you is like waking up to a perfect summers day - you just don't want it to end!" My charm does bring men's hearts to beat faster, when I step out the street I cause a traffic jam. I have a terrific personality, funny, cheeky, so vivacious, witty, playful, charming and caring. PLUS , I am so down to earth! I giggle a lot and there is always a big smile on my face (I only cry when I chop the onions though ... Lol...).

I love to kiss with passion as much as I love to be kissed. Doesn't mean I kiss everyman though!!! I am known as a very picky - selective person; I have the right to be as I am my own boss. When I give you a sensual massage the magic touch of my hands would send a shiver down your body. With me around you, you would never get your work done...I am very sensual - passionate - affectionate - romantic - a very happy person INDEED. I may look so innocent but NOT AT ALL innocent, neither stupid. So don't EVER try to take advantage of me - NOT A CHANCE .

* I will give all my attentions on you who's a gentleman, decent, thoughtful, generous and well mannered. I'm only into meeting real gentlemen who treat women with lots of respect. And I would treat you the way I want to be treated - with kindness and warmth! * If you think you have tons of money and expect to treat me cheaply then PLEASE leave me alone ... as I have no interest in you or your money, I don't care who you are! With me in your arms, you have company of fun, elegance, beauty and a real joy of life! With outgoing, friendly nature of mine and my charming relaxing loving attitude, understanding and caring like me, I will have to warn you DO NOT Fall In Love with me !!!!!!!!! You may laugh at my warning but wait till you meet me in person - you would realize that it's very serious indeed. Watch your heart as I always watch mine!


Get to know each other by emailing back and forth just a bit, I also need you to call me at least once so we can have the clearer idea about one another. This way we would get very comfortable with each other before meeting in person.

My Email Adress:

Be kind, polite, respectful, charming and VERY hygienic, this way th! ere would be a chance for us to get really connected in an intimate encounter, with passion and romance. I can't guarantee that I would take a booking from you, it depends on whether I would like to meet you or not. It would be judged by our conversations on email and telephone. If not, I would have to apology as the MOST IMPORTANT part of my job is my comfort, not just yours.

I can guarantee that you would be more than comfortable with me and you would very much enjoy my company than you have ever had from most people. But I want to assure my self that I would enjoy my time with you as well, so lets get to know one another firstly before we meet in person. Please give me your telephone number, and tell me when is a good time to call you.


I am interested in meeting gentlemen who are sensual and gentle. Who knows how to spoil women and knows how to treat women with respect - class - tenderness - politeness and I like it very much to be caressed. I am interested in affluent gentlemen who seek an exciting - quality and special experience.

I enjoy mental repartee and good conversation with interesting people. I find people are more interesting when they have ! a brain, know how to talk - are good at listening and joke around as life shouldn't be serious all the time.

I enjoy watching films, going to the theatre, love any kind of music, clubbing occasionally as I love dancing, I also love dinning at classy restaurants. By the way, I can easily fit my self in any occasion, having a cup of coffee at Starbucks with you or even eat in a little restaurant - I enjoy it all as long as you are a fun - relaxing company.

I like travelling to new places to see different things - try different things - learn new things all the time and experience beautiful sights that the world has to offer. Soon, I am going to enjoy trying the new things which would be exercise and play sports.

Notice: If you are a STORY MAKER then, NO, I am not interested in meeting you at all. You don't need to try to impress me, or to make me like you by making up the stories. You should know, people like me have NO INTEREST in people like you. I would find you very boring and I would not waste a minute with you. Keep your money, I don't care for it - not one bit. If you want to take me shopping, please limit the amount for me as I would not like to go over the limit.


Any money paid is for time and companionship ONLY. Anything else that occurs is a matter of choice between consenting adults. Anything implied or inferred is NOT to be taken as inducement for payment for anything other than time and companionship. (Donations in American dollars).

1 hour cappuccino: $500
1½ hours cocktail: $750
2 hours : $900
Dinner date : $1.000
Over night : $ 2.200
A day : $3.000
A weekend : $ 5.000
A week : $15.000
A month : $50.000
A year : $1 million (no negotiation)
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